This morning this little girl came into our shop on La Marina. She had been found by the owner of a local bar and all I can say is thank goodness. As you can see she is in a dreadful state and immediately required medical attention. Didi was so terrible that the receptionist on seeing her became very distressed.

Anyway thankfully she is now in the care of K9 and our very experienced Kennel Managers where she will receive round the clock care. She has been isolated and is under close observation as basically the next 2 or 3 days are critical.obviously it will be a long haul for her but this is all part of our job at K9.

today she had to go back to the vets.
after 90 minutes she is  back, poor wee soul had to have 2 enema, if she hasent past a motion in 24 hours, we be going back to vets again. Feeding is going to happen every three hours.
update 2
she has gone back to the vets yet again, come on little Didi fight fight fight