On October 18th, Abbie did a sponsored parachute jump in aid of K9.  Abbie is a dedicated volunteer at our kennels and loves to walk the dogs, play with the cats and of course, helps clean out their pens,  Here she is with one of our favourites, Baby, an elderly chihuahua who just loves cuddles.

Abbie raised 234 euros thank you very much Parachute Jump

Latest Rescue by K9

Recently K9 was asked to take in this wonderful Vulture and to find a loving home for him/her, needless to say we have no idea whether it is a boy or a girl, so we are calling on you to help us out.

From Saturday, 22nd August you will have an opportunity to adopt this lovely bird by guessing his/her name, please call in at either of our shops and have a go. The Vulture itself will be in La Marina Shop on Calle Alfredo Kraus, but there will be a picture up in Almoradi.  The winner will be able to take him/her home in time for Christmas, who says miracles never happen.

K9 would like to thank Pia for rescuing the Vulture and giving K9 an opportunity to rehome him/her.


Urgent Appeal for Poppet

 Poppet needs you.
 Currently Poppet is in foster care but this will change the beginning of October when her carers return to England. She is a beautiful 8 year old pointer , very gentle and very friendly. She has leish so will need medication on a daily basis plus regular check ups , all of which K9 pay for. As a last resort she will come back to our kennels but this we want to avoid as she has been in a home environment for quite a while and obviously we want to avoid as much stress for her as possible,. If you are able to find a space for this girl  and would like more information please contact Alan and Heike on 600845420
poppet 12015-06-24 poppet2015-06-24

Janet Crawley

It is with great sadness that K9 has accepted the resignation of Janet Crawley, a very valued and fellow Committee member.  Currently Janet is experiencing serious health problems which  is proving a major battle in itself, she felt that at the moment she would be better stepping down from K9 until she has won her very personal battle.

Janet was a wonderful member of K9 , not only working in the shop, but as many of you know, she handled all our raffles and became an institution in her own right.  There will always be a place for Janet within K9 should she wish to return.

We wish her and her family all the very best,

From all at K9


If you have some time to spare during the week and would like to be involved in something worthwhile, then look no further.

K9 would love to hear from you….

You could be part of our team of volunteers and help in the rescue and rehoming of animals in the Costa Blanca area.

We have something to suit everybody, from working in the shops, helping on the van, and even helping with the paperwork.

If you would like to be part of this very successful team, then call 610832726, 600845420 or 965077208.

News flash

Didi has been reunited with her mother.
A lovely German couple had been seeing Didi with her mother, obviously abandoned, they had grown concerned when they had only seen mum for the last few days. After asking around a kind Spanish man informed them that K9 had her and she was safe. Immediately this German couple called our Kennel managers, who were over the moon to take mum in and reunite her with her daughter. Obviously mum has some health issues similar to Didi as both had been surviving on twigs and other rubbish, so again the digestive system needs careful monitoring and of course both will be on a special diet for the time being . This is necessary to enable both dogs to digest and get rid of all the rubbish they have been eating so as everything will again  function normally. Mum also has an eye infection so this will need treating.
Watching how Didi has progressed in the care of our kennel managers and now seeing her with her mum ,  truly I am sure all will agree that this is what animal rescue is all about.
Again  a big thank you to all involved with these two amazing little dogs.

Didi update again


Look at Didi now,here she is with Alan, one of our terrific kennel managers. With a great deal of patience and lots of TLC Didi is now confident enough to potter around the kennel garden with Alan. This is a sight we thought we would never see when we first took Didi in, as you know she was in a terrible state and at first we truly did not think she would make it. K9 would like to give a huge thankyou for all for your support, donations and well wishes for her, the response for this little girl has been overwhelming.


Update on Didi (Angel)

Well this Morning she finaly turned the corner, after having to have 3 enema in the week, we finaly had the result we been waiting for.  Hopefully from now on its just building her up, gaining weight and trust.She still has sore all over her body from twigs and tics, but nothing a good layer of creme three times a day will sort. May I say thank you for the many msg,  good wishes and offers of homes. She wont be ready for a good while yet, as we only rehome once fit to be rehomend.



K9 Van

This is the K9 van which we use to rescue abandoned animals and also for transporting them to the vets when necessary.  The van is also used for free house clearances as well as collections and deliveries of household goods such as Electrical goods, furniture and bric-a-brac, in fact anything you wish to donate to the shops which all helps to provide the excellent care our animals receive.

Please call me on 661350963


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