Urgent Plea – Tilly

Recently a K9 cat, Tilly was adopted by someone living in the La Siesta  area, sadly she has now gone missing.   K9 cannot stress strongly enough the importance of keeping your new cat in the house for a minimum of 10 days.  Cats are territorial and require time to adjust to their new surroundings and their new owners.

We are asking everyone to keep a look out for Tilly.  K9 have spent a number of hours in the early evening, just as it is getting dark, looking for Tilly, but no sign of her whatsoever.  Tilly is a small cream cat with grey stripes on her nose and feet.  Her tail is grey, shorter than normal with a kink in it.  She has pale blue eyes that give the appearance of being crossed.  Tilly loves other cats and when K9 were looking for her we saw many others, but Tilly was not amongst them.

K9 are very concerned for her, so would appreciate any calls from people who think they may have seen her, remember, cats are at their most active dusk and dawn.

Please call  965077208, 600845420 or 610832726.  Alternatively, please email k9clubinfo@gmail.com

Thank you for your help.

Rabbit Found

Rabbit found on Urbanization El Chapparral, Torrevieja, on Tuesday 31st January.

It’s a real cutey with lots of character, and have no doubt it was loved, probably by a child (now missing their pet for sure).

Please call Trevor on 650 171 804.

Thank you


Capitan was rehomed this morning in Santa Pola and has gone missing, in the area of Avenida de Salamanca.  He slipped his collar on walkabout with his new owner.

Please call K9 on 600845420 if found. Also, we would be most grateful if everyone could share this post.