Cassandra and Leon

After spending 20 minutes running around like mad things Cassandra and Leon finally give in and stop to rest. Both are amazing dogs, Leon, who is part Ridge Back, is a very laid back, elderly gentleman of 11 years but still very lively, Cassandra ,who is part Lurcher, is 6 years old and very much a single family dog being very loyal to whoever adopts her.



Dear All,

Apologies for the identity crisis our Facebook page has gone through of late.  On behalf of K9 Club, allow me to reassure everyone that this page remains the primary social media site of the K9 Club Animal Rescue Charity.

Our primary concern is always the long term well-being of our animals.  Over the last 20 years, K9 has rehomed hundreds of animals and currently has in its care many cats and dogs that have received food, shelter, and medical treatment through the hard work of our volunteers.  Without the continued support of you, our friends and local community, we would not be able to continue doing this work.

Our Committee agrees that our presence and identity within the local community is the key to growing and sustaining the immense amount of support we receive from volunteers and donors alike.  Our committee has worked tirelessly over these last 20 years to create this identity, and our online presence both on our own website and on social media, forms an important part of that.  To this end, our Facebook page will maintain its focus on communicating the activities of all our Members, volunteers and the animals in our care, and the fundraising events and opportunities we have available.

We have of course always worked with other local registered charities and will continue to do so to ensure that all efforts are made to care for and rehome as many animals as possible.  K9 has always had the philosophy that the problem of abandoned animals over in Spain is so large that it is vital for registered organisations to work together.  From time to time we may well publish, on this page and on our website, updates from these various organisations, however, the primary purpose of this page is to keep you, our supporters, up to date with everything we are doing to home and care for as many animals as possible.

Kind Regards,


President, K9

Registered Charity No. G54353743

Janet Crawley

It is with great sadness that K9 has accepted the resignation of Janet Crawley, a very valued and fellow Committee member.  Currently Janet is experiencing serious health problems which  is proving a major battle in itself, she felt that at the moment she would be better stepping down from K9 until she has won her very personal battle.

Janet was a wonderful member of K9 , not only working in the shop, but as many of you know, she handled all our raffles and became an institution in her own right.  There will always be a place for Janet within K9 should she wish to return.

We wish her and her family all the very best,

From all at K9

About the K9 Club

We have been rescuing lost and abandoned animals in the south Costa Blanca for many years. Members of our team will care for the lost and abandoned animals that we find.

Also, when necessary, we use the services of trusted private kennels, for the rescued animal’s when a foster home is not available.

The K9 club is a registered charitable association, number CV-01-043388-A.

The animals we accommodate are advertised on our own web site.

We also have adoption manuals placed in many locations with posters of each one that includes an explanation of how each animal was found, and its personal characteristics.

All the animals that come into our possession receive first class veterinary examinations and treatment from established veterinary clinics.

The funds needed to pay for vets fees, and where appropriate for accommodation in kennels, are raised by our members and volunteers in various ways.

Items that are donated and offered to us for sale are sold from one of our own shops located on Urbanisation La Marina or in Almoradi, both are managed and staffed by our volunteers.

Greetings card sales, collection tins and calendars are also placed in various business premises. We also receive donations and we have successful fund raising events.

Information on Dogs and Cats 600 84 54 20

Sunday 3rd June 2012  As part of the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations the San Fulgencio Town Hall presented medals to The K9 Club in recognition of their work with Abandoned Animals.