A Brief on our Rescue

All the dogs in our care have one thing in common. They would not be here if we hadnt taken them from the perrera. These are the type of dogs that humans dump, abandon and neglect. All of them had an owner at one time before they entered the perrera. All of them had euthanasia hanging over their heads. Most people blame the perrera for euthanizing them but when they only have 400 places and an awful lot more dogs passing through, what are they supposed to do? Most have baggage.

The ones we can save we take although its an impossible task choosing which ones to take as there are so many, often leaving those behind who, we hope, will be rescued by another charity. Here, at K9, they get their life back. We help prepare them as best we can, to move forward and find a new home.

Remember, every time you adopt one of these beautifuls you are saving another life and giving another dog at the perrera a chance of a new life.

The committee, and shelter managers especially, would like to thank all our adopters, for giving our rescues another chance in a new forever home.