Shop Opening

Good News! We may be allowed to open our shops on May 11th!

The government hasn’t given us any guidelines as yet, but we will be following the social-distancing rules as previously stated in the lockdown guidelines. You will be required to wear masks and gloves before entering our shops, only 2 persons in the shop at once keeping a 2 meter distance from others and only for 15 minutes. Only 1 person at the counter to pay. There will be a staff member at the shop door to guide you safely.

Please help us to help you stay safe. We look forward to seeing you soon!


Paco is a fun-loving pup who is always causing mischief. He loves playing with the other dogs and you will fall in love when you meet him. Paco is passported, vaccinated and castrated. Please call 711 075 305 or email

Our Animals Need You

Since the lockdown has not allowed us to open our shops, we have been struggling to support our animals with food and medication. We have a GoFundMe account within Facebook, which is being shared every day so if you see it please click the link to donate. You can also donate via our PayPal account which is

We are also in the process of adding a donate button to our own K9 facebook page, but this will take 2 to 3 weeks.

Thank you

Lockdown Clear-out

Hello Friends,

Have been using your time to have a good clear-out? Do you have items that you would like to donate to our shop? If the answer is YES then all you have to do is give our lovely driver a call on 661 350 963 and he will arrange with you to collect.

Thank You

Stay Safe, Stay Home!

La Caridad Animal K9 Necesita Ayuda

Debido a la siyuacion en Espana, nuestras tiendes de caridad no pueden abir. Tenemos animales de rescate en nuestro refugio para los que todavia temenos que proporcionar alimentos y medicamentos y nos estamos quedando sin fondos.

Recientemente hemos tenido uno de nuestros perros al veterinario con una infeccion en la pata y hemos tenido que esterilizar a 3 perros para que aumenten las facturas del veterinario.

Todos los rescates estan teniendo dificultades, pero lo que es aun dificil es que los animals tambien estan luchando. Hermos reservado 2 perros del refugio municipal local pero necesitamos desesperadamente los fondos para llevarlos a nuestro refugio.

Ayude a K9 a encontrarios y a encontrar a todos nuestros animales en sus hogares para siempre.

Gracias de todo el equipo de K9.