Puppy Plea

For nearly 30 years K9 has been supporting and working with individuals  to rescue and re-home animals. K9 have recently taken in 5 puppies all about 9 months old from another but overcrowded rescue organisation . These pups came to us unsterilised with no vaccinations or microchips so K9 are having to meet these expenses. K9 relies on public donations as well as the income from our 2 shops. However with the now rise in taxes for charities we are desperate for your support in helping us to protect these pups. We are calling out to all members of the public to help us with these expenses which will probably be about 1500 euros when finished as the pups all need testing for various diseases before their vaccinations. Should they test positive for anything such as leismaniosis or heart worm then they will require intensive medical treatment as it has always been the policy of K9 to never put an animal to sleep when veterinary treatment will sort the problem no matter how expensive.

Please donate to our cause it is so important for our animals to receive the care they deserve. You can donate direct to our PayPal account accessed via our website or please take in the donations into either of our shops, one in La Marina, Calle Alfredo Kraus and the other In Almoradi, Calle La Reine.

Thank you