Public Notice

For those of you not aware K9 is run by a committee and others who are all volunteers dedicated to the rescuing and re homing of animals. We are not a portal to advertise other organisations neither do individuals use K9 to make a personal living. The money we raise goes to our animals to ensure the best care possible for them.

We always love getting our animals adopted and make sure they go to responsible and caring homes. Not everyone who approaches us to adopt is suitable and we always suggest these people go away and really think about why they want an animal.

Recently we had one of our elderly girls returned. To be honest she was returned to us in a dreadful state. In fact it really upset many of us in K9. The person who adopted her claims he was lied to, to pressure him into adopting her and he did not really want her but he was told that she had to go as K9 were closing down. At first we were not sure whether to believe him or not however, given a number of conversations, e mails and messages from other people it appears now that he was telling the truth as others had been also been told this in an effort to pressure them into adopting an animal.

The previous shelter manager we had was only concerned, we believe, in notching up her own success figures and did not show any care to where our animals went. You will be pleased to know that after 4 months we terminated her contract as K9 have always been a professional organisation with the well being of our animals our main priority. Sadly though we are still picking up the pieces from her actions as in the case of Coco. I expect you are asking why did we appoint her? Well, she was recommended to us by someone who is well known for rescuing animals so it just goes to show you never really know someone until you experience them first hand.

We have in place Louise and Patrick who already have made their mark on K9 and have had 8 dogs adopted in 3 weeks all to fantastic new owners. We are also once again working successfully with other organisations by taking some of the animals off them to get them re homed or relieve them of their overcrowding problems. K9 have always felt that it is important for animal organisations to work closely with each other as the problem of unwanted animals in Spain is so enormous.

Anyway now you have caught up with what has been happening in K9.

Remember it is processional caterpillar season so be careful when walking your dogs.

The K9 Team