christine and Richard spires


Beware: to all who come into contact with CHRISTINE AND RICHARD SPIRES, they were in a position of trust with the K9 animal organisation they had 400 euros of k9 money to buy food and medication for the animals instead they spent the money on their own utility bills etc: including fuel for their car, plus cleaning the house they lived in rent free, they abandoned the Animals by letting the animals out and leaving the property in the early hours without telling anyone. They are excellent at playing the victims, do not believe any thing they say they are real con artists, they are possibly living in the Peterborough/Stamford area, these people are the lowest of the low stealing from a charity.

we have also discovered that they have stolen a large amount of money in donations over the months.

getting worse by the minute they also have not paid their electric bill,

We also understand that on vacating their last rental property a number of wooden ornaments went missing,which resulted in their previous land lady accusing them of stealing ,although what the out come of this was we do not know.

We will be taking action.