Urgently Needed…

K9 urgently needs bedding for our animals.

If you have any bedding, duvets, blankets, towels, old jumpers, track suits, dressing gowns in fact anything that may be suitable for bedding for either cats or dogs please, please take them either to one of our shops or direct to our animal shelter.  With the winter coming, we desperately need to make our animals comfortable.

For further information call 600845420.

Fang Rehomed

Fang, a very affectionate young male about 5 years old. Loves people and will follow you around talking to you all day. He is called fang because of his unusually shaped front canine teeth.

If you would like to adopt Fang, then please call 600845420.  NOW RE-HOMED



Jabba is a very friendly young male who loves his food. He is not used to Children so would prefer a quieter home to live in. He is a real character and will talk to you quite happily when he gets used to you.

Please call 600845420 if you would like to adopt Jabba.


Guinness REHOMED


Guinness was born early September with his sister Bailey.  Sadly their mother was killed by a car, so K9 took in these orphaned pups.  He is a very handsome black and tan little boy and will probably be a medium sized dog.  He is very playful and very inquisitive.  Like his sister, he loves people and both are very friendly who love snuggling up with each other.

If you would like to adopt Guinness, please call 600845420.  REHOMED


Last Thursday K9 received a call about 2 pups whose mother had just been killed on the road and as the owner of the dogs could not be traced, K9 took them in.  Mum was a medium sized dog, so we do not think the pups will be much bigger.


Born early September  2016, she is absolutely lovely, being slightly quieter than her brother Guinness. She is absolutely gorgeous, being an unusual brown and tan little girl.  She takes everything in and will sit and watch what is going on.  Bailey is really playful as she should be at just over 5 weeks old.  She has been wormed and treated for external parasites.  She enjoys her food and loves snuggling up with her brother.

If you would like to adopt Bailey, please call 600845420.  REHOMED


Archie In Foster care

Archie is a very handsome typical young male cat about 2.5 years old. He is very affectionate and loves attention, in fact, he will crawl up your legs for a cuddle.
Please call 610832726 if you are able to offer Archie a home.