Elsie, sister of Betty , is a very pretty black and white  6 month old girl, very friendly and affectionate.  Elsie is very talkative and loves attention like all girls and she is good with other cats.

If you can offer this young lady a home call 600845420 or 610832726.

Elsie1 Elsie2 Elsie3


Betty is very striking tortie , about 6 months old.  She was abandoned with her sisters in Catral.  She loves other cats and is very affectionate towards people. Like all girls she loves attention and enjoys being spoilt.

If you can offer Betty a home please call 610832726 or 600845420.



Sonny is a pretty tabby and white male about  6 months old.  He was abandoned close to La Marina and was brought into K9 in quite  a weak condition, but is now perfectly healthy.  He is quite shy at first but will very quickly come for attention once he learns to trust you .  He would make a very loyal companion.

If you would like to adopt Sonny please call 600845420 or 610832726.Debbie

Todd the Lively Terrier

Todd is a very lively 6 month old terrier type who walked into our La Marina Shop.  He has been checked out by a vet and declared very fit.  He has obviously been well looked after as he is used to people and other dogs. Todd loves travelling in a car.  He is a small dog with a big personality.

If interested in giving Todd a home please call 600845420 or 610832726.Todd1 Todd2

Daffy has been Rehomed

DaffyWe are so pleased to announce that Daffy has now been rehomed.
You will recall that Daffy is a special needs cat having the use of only 3 legs with the other being severely damaged in an accident.


Daffy came into K9 after being involved in a car accident near Catral.  She is a special needs cat having the use of only 3 legs with the other severely damaged in the accident.  The leg is healthy but has total nerve damage from the “knee down” thus she walks on her knee.  Daffy has had acupuncture and various injections to try and stimulate the nerves in her damaged leg, but nothing was successful.

She will require a very secure garden from which she would be unable to get out. She is used to other cats and dogs.  Daffy is about 9 months old and has been spayed.   DaffyPlease call 610832726.


Archie is a very handsome typical  young male cat about 2 years old.  He is very affectionate and loves attention , in fact, he will crawl up your legs for a cuddle.

Please call 610832726 if you are able to offer Archie a home.ArchieCat