Itzy has been Adopted

You may recall Itzy, possibly a Daschund cross, about 7 or 8 years old, who was abandoned.

Itzy has now been adopted, and K9 wish her years of friendship and love with her new owner.

Itzy dog1





Twinkle is a lovely 2 year old tabby and white girl who was bought into K9 after being abandoned.  She has been spayed and is very affectionate.  Twinkle enjoys a sedentary life and loves home comforts.   She is fine with other cats and loves being with people.

If you would like to adopt her then please call 610832726 or 600845420.

Twinkle 1 Twinkle 2 Twinkle 3

Hugo has now been Rehomed

You may recall Hugo who came to us at the beginning of January.

K9 are pleased to say that Hugo has found his forever home and his new owner/s have renamed him Dave.

Here are some pictures of Dave settling into his new home.

Hugo_Dave 2 Hugo_Dave 3 Hugo_Dave 1


Hugo is a beautiful German shepherd cross about 1 year old and soft as butter. Loves cuddles and being close to people, a little nervous of other dogs at first but soon settles.  He really is a magnificent animal and would love a new home.

If interested please call K9 on 600845420.Hugo dog 1 Hugo dog 2

Are you able to provide a Home for Itzy?


Itzy dog2

Itzy dog1


Itzy is a very friendly girl, she has been spayed and is used to other dogs and cats.

We think she is about 7 or 8 years old and she , along with Chip and Twinkle , were abandoned in their home, whilst their owners did a moonlight flit back to the UK to avoid debts.

Itzy is a small dog possibly a Dachshund cross and loves cuddles and being talked to.

If you would like to adopt Itzy please call 600845420.

Can you give Chip a Home


Chip dog1

Chip is a small dog about 7 or 8 years old who was abandoned by her owners with Twinkle and Itzy, when they did a moonlight flit back to the UK to avoid debts.

She is  quite nervous with people until she gets to know you and then she is really affectionate.  Chip is spayed and is used to cats and other dogs.

Chip dog2If you are interested in adopting this lovely girl then call 600845420.