Dear All,

Apologies for the identity crisis our Facebook page has gone through of late.  On behalf of K9 Club, allow me to reassure everyone that this page remains the primary social media site of the K9 Club Animal Rescue Charity.

Our primary concern is always the long term well-being of our animals.  Over the last 20 years, K9 has rehomed hundreds of animals and currently has in its care many cats and dogs that have received food, shelter, and medical treatment through the hard work of our volunteers.  Without the continued support of you, our friends and local community, we would not be able to continue doing this work.

Our Committee agrees that our presence and identity within the local community is the key to growing and sustaining the immense amount of support we receive from volunteers and donors alike.  Our committee has worked tirelessly over these last 20 years to create this identity, and our online presence both on our own website and on social media, forms an important part of that.  To this end, our Facebook page will maintain its focus on communicating the activities of all our Members, volunteers and the animals in our care, and the fundraising events and opportunities we have available.

We have of course always worked with other local registered charities and will continue to do so to ensure that all efforts are made to care for and rehome as many animals as possible.  K9 has always had the philosophy that the problem of abandoned animals over in Spain is so large that it is vital for registered organisations to work together.  From time to time we may well publish, on this page and on our website, updates from these various organisations, however, the primary purpose of this page is to keep you, our supporters, up to date with everything we are doing to home and care for as many animals as possible.

Kind Regards,


President, K9

Registered Charity No. G54353743