CurlySue was dumped at our Almoradi shop in a terrible state. She had a prolapsed uterus plus malignant mammary  tumors, it was deplorable that a so called human had allowed her to become so ill without doing anything about it.

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Anyway she is a poodle cross about 8 years old and is truly magical, very friendly affectionate , loves people and other dogs in fact a perfect little lady. She has had surgery to repair her uterus and to remove the malignant tumors   and the plan will be for her to have further surgery should anymore tumors appear.


CurlySue is now in the fantastic care of our very experienced kennel managers and will not be available for fostering for about 2 weeks. If you are interested in fostering this brave little girl then call 600845420.


after two evening mad rush back to the vets because she was bleeding, sat Morning she had a real Bad bleed, after emergency Operation to remove a blood clot, she is now final on the mend. Fingers crossed


Bonnie and Clyde

We got the call from Catral two kitten thrown over a Balcony have we got room? Yes we do, collected the pair and settled them down with food and water. The next day it was clearly visible Clyde has a problem with his leg.


So we booked him into the vets, Vet checked the leg could not see why, so it was decided to take him back to the Hospital to give him a Xray, good job we did he had a clear break that would only be sorted by putting a pin into both parts,

To keep him company Bonnie stayed with him, today was the day we were aloud to fetch them back to the Kennels.


Now the recovery can start, he has pain killer’s and antibiotics. Do you fancy being the new Owner of Bonnie and Clyde??

After two nights back with us, both doing well, love there food and now have toys to help Clyde starting to use his leg again.

Both are cute, Bonnie is still shy, but slowly coming up to get a cuddle, with a very strange stump of a tail that hooks it self round her rear


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Another good night for our little pair, breakfast and quick play and clyde is now back to sleeping, that will help with the healing, Bonnie is loosing her fear of George, now she just jumps onto sofa if he is there or not, Clyde still not sure about our George.

12115595_10153859078616159_2507249952238748826_nBoth are now ready for the new homes Clyde is using his leg to play and climb.Call 600 845 420