K9 Van

This is the K9 van which we use to rescue abandoned animals and also for transporting them to the vets when necessary.  The van is also used for free house clearances as well as collections and deliveries of household goods such as Electrical goods, furniture and bric-a-brac, in fact anything you wish to donate to the shops which all helps to provide the excellent care our animals receive.

Please call me on 661350963


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News Flash

News Flash!
Coming in soon to K9 a young Mum cat with 3,12 week old kittens.
This young pregnant mother was spotted by a dedicated animal lover  who lives in Almoradi. The mother cat was being used as a football , being tossed around by a group of children. This lady immediately grabbed the cat in midair and took her home to her apartment. Within a week or so this young female gave birth to 3 healthy kittens. The lady contacted K9 very recently to see if we can help as she has many animals of her own which she has rescued and has ended up keeping and the extra 4 are proving a handful in an apartment. K9 were only too happy to help and the feline family will be arriving Saturday 1st August.


This morning this little girl came into our shop on La Marina. She had been found by the owner of a local bar and all I can say is thank goodness. As you can see she is in a dreadful state and immediately required medical attention. Didi was so terrible that the receptionist on seeing her became very distressed.

Anyway thankfully she is now in the care of K9 and our very experienced Kennel Managers where she will receive round the clock care. She has been isolated and is under close observation as basically the next 2 or 3 days are critical.obviously it will be a long haul for her but this is all part of our job at K9.

today she had to go back to the vets.
after 90 minutes she is  back, poor wee soul had to have 2 enema, if she hasent past a motion in 24 hours, we be going back to vets again. Feeding is going to happen every three hours.
update 2
she has gone back to the vets yet again, come on little Didi fight fight fight



Baby is a 7 year old chihuahua cross with an immense personality. She was picked up by K9 a year ago after she was the victim of a marriage break-up and nobody wanted her. Baby has had a number of health issues but the main one is that she has Leishmania. Her readings are very high and , despite having a  considerable amount   of treatment already  involving 2 courses of injections plus on going tablets, she  is still unstable , consequently she has now to go on further treatment which involves 2 injections daily for 40 days, plus tablets  plus further treatment for her liver which has been damaged by the leish.

 K9 are determined to get Baby through this but we require your support and help . We are  putting out a plea for help financially to enable Baby to receive the best possible care. We feel she is worth it as her main pleasures in life are cuddling up to someone and playing with her tennis ball  , she loves people and  if you meet her she will steal your heart I can guarantee it. Baby is a really lovely girl who deserves a chance in life so please if you can help her we would be very grateful. Collection tins are available in both shops plus you can make a donation direct to K9 via  pay pal, on the donate page. Please put ref. Baby.


Please help us to help Baby.

Many thanks in anticipation for your support and generosity.

                                                     Baby                                                       11078873_589656464504285_8236642_o

Mona and her kittens

Mona came to us after being picked up outside Iceland, very young, skinny and Pregnant.

She gave birth on June 20th having 6 kittens, sadly she lost two kittens a black and a tabby.


Over the last few weeks she had to visit the vet, as she had an infection, but Mona is now going from strength to strength, as are her kittens.

Mona is a wonderful Mum.


So we now have 2 Ginger and 2 Tabby Kitten.

And of course Mona,

they will be ready to be rehomend in August once weaned and litter trained.