This time of Year, ADOPTED

Yes Kitten time …..

6 of them dumped outside the shop in La Marina.

There are 2 tom’s nearly all white with ginger ear tips and tails,

Ozzie and Olly  ADOPTED


We also have Whisper now fully weaned.


We have now re-homed

1 ginger tom,  1 little girl white/ grey tabby .

Great News Otto and Bart  have found homes .

Otis now has a great home too.

If you feel you can re-home one of these Beauties Please let us know



Happy Endings

How I met the 3rd love of my life through Heidi and Alan. We adopted 2 ferrel fur babies, sadly after 3 months our little boy chocked on his collar and died. Our little girl Gizzy witness the event and went into depression. On the advice of the vet, 3 days later I started tralling the Internet for a new companion. Then I found K9 and Jack!  It was love from the first photo!


I contacted Heidi who was amazing with pictures and information on Jack and the next day I drove 140km to meet them! Heidi was unbelievably welcoming, warm and friendly and showed me around to see the amazing job she and Alan have done. Jack (now Nimsy) was put into my arms by Heidi and the love story began! My biggest worry was would Gizzy accept her new play mate? At first I tried to keep them separate so they could smell/hear one another… However after 30 minutes Nimsy’s will to meet Gizzy was too strong and he managed to get the door open and introduce him self! From the first moment it was love and Gizzy took him around the house to show him her favourite spots before cuddling up with him and giving him a welcome wash! They are best friends and inseparable since! I think this successful meeting was partly due to Heidi and Alans socializing whilst in the rehoming centre, as well as being around other kitty’s and dogs. He is a beautiful affectionate boy who loves cuddles and to give cuddles! His favourite past time is playing with next doors dogs and visiting all of the neighbours and having his afternoon nap in their bath tubs! If you’re thinking about getting a fur babie’s I strongly recommend K9, Heidi and I are in regular contact with regards to Nimsy’s progress over the last year, I love sharing story’s and photos of his cheekyantics. The best thing in life is unconditional love I get from our babies… Including the cupboard love for extra treats! Nimsy captures me from a photograph… Who will catch you?