Our Friends of K9

Since the re-opening of our charity shops we have struggled to cover the costs of food and medication for our rescues, the costs of running the shelter also the overheads of the 2 shops, being rent, electric, rates etc.

We also put out a plea for 2 little frightened arrivals, who need full tests, vaccinations, passports and chips. And you, our lovely friends reacted……

That’s why, when we receive any donations of cash, whether it is 1 euro or 500 euros, we are overwhelmed by the generosity of you lovely people.

One of our adopters, Karen Mitchell, sent us a very welcome donation of 200+ euros. She adopted one of our beautifuls and has sent us videos of him, happily playing and enjoying his new life.

Following on from one of her videos which she posted on her own Facebook page, a lovely man called Martin Carter from Colorado USA – YES Colorado USA – sent us a whopping 500+ euro donation! He had seen the video that Karen had posted and told us that he and his family had adopted a “totally broken” dog 2 years ago from a “…. station” and is now happily “blazing” the trails of Colorado with him and his family. He said to “please accept this donation in heartfelt thanks for what you do. A welcome ray of light in these dark times”.

Next, we had a lovely email from Naveed Rehman, who also sent us a whopping 260 euros to help with their costs. She also said she couldn’t afford more! My word…..we were overwhelmed with the 260 euros Naveed!

So, to Karen, Martin and Naveed we here at K9, including our animals, say a huge THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. These donations will help with the costs for the 2 newbies and help them on their way to finding their new forever homes.

We also want to say a big thank you to everyone who has donated, whether it was cash, food, bedding for the animals or clothing, bric-a-brac and furniture to sell in our shops. Whatever we receive from you – our friends – goes a long way in helping us to rescue more of these life-long companions.

Our PayPal account is now back up so if I have pulled at your heartstrings and you can help us to carry on with our work, please donate to k9clubinfo@gmail.com

Every cent, every euro counts. Even the ones you find down the back of your sofas; the ones you put aside for completing a challenge and the ones you save for a rainy day!


Driver/Assistants Needed

Since we re-opened our shops we have been really busy collecting donated furniture and house clearances. Because of this we can extend our services so if you can spare a few hours per week and have a clean Spanish driving licence then please contact us on mobile 711 082 807; email k9clubinfo@gmail.com or via our Facebook page.

Volunteers Needed

Since we re-opened our shops we have received many donations of clothing, furniture and bric-a-brac, for which we thank you. Because of this, we can now open 6 days per week and are really busy but……………….we need your help to increase our volunteers in Almoradi shop, so if you can spare a few hours each week please contact us on 711 082 807 or you can email us at k9clubinfo@gmail.com or via our Facebook page.

A Brief on our Rescue

All the dogs in our care have one thing in common. They would not be here if we hadnt taken them from the perrera. These are the type of dogs that humans dump, abandon and neglect. All of them had an owner at one time before they entered the perrera. All of them had euthanasia hanging over their heads. Most people blame the perrera for euthanizing them but when they only have 400 places and an awful lot more dogs passing through, what are they supposed to do? Most have baggage.

The ones we can save we take although its an impossible task choosing which ones to take as there are so many, often leaving those behind who, we hope, will be rescued by another charity. Here, at K9, they get their life back. We help prepare them as best we can, to move forward and find a new home.

Remember, every time you adopt one of these beautifuls you are saving another life and giving another dog at the perrera a chance of a new life.

The committee, and shelter managers especially, would like to thank all our adopters, for giving our rescues another chance in a new forever home.


Pancake smiling for her picture taking ! Around 3 years old ,
a fun loving female that has come on leaps & bounds since she has been here !
Very shy in the beginning as still more to give but has turned out to be very cheeky! Pancake is Passported, vaccinated and will be spayed.

Anyone want to offer this beautiful girl a home
Please tele: 711075305 or e-mail: k9clubinfo@gmail.com.

K9 PayPal

Our PayPal account is now back up an running. Please send all donations to k9clubinfo@hotmail.com.

May we take this opportunity to thank everyone who has made a donation to our funds. Particularly you wonderful people who have sponsored our kennels. With your kind donations we can rescue more beautifuls and find them their forever homes.

Fundraiser Required

Are you an organiser? Do you have time to spare? If yes then please read on………

We are looking for someone to assist the team in raising funds for our animals. Like all animal charities, our funds have run out. We rely on donations whether its food, bedding or money. Throughout the lockdown we have still had to care for our animals including feed and medication.

We have plenty of ideas but not the time to put them into action, as the committee are always busy with other requirements of the charity.

If you can help then please contact us on 711 082 807; email k9clubinfo@gmail.com or via our Facebook page.

Adoption Costs

If you are thinking of adopting one of our beautifuls, there are a few things you need to be aware of about the costs. We ask for an adoption fee of 140 euros. This covers the costs for vaccines, bloods, passport and chip and in adult dogs this will also cover castration. We pay a lot more than this in food and vet fees. We rely on donations to cover this. The adopter will pay for transport, although we can arrange this. This can be between 280GBp to 350 GBp and paid direct to the transport company.

Please do not apply to adopt unless you are prepared to pay this as we cannot cover any more than we do. Many UK rescues charge similar costs and breeders charge hundreds of pounds for a pedigree. The most important thing to remember is that adopting a rescue dog is priceless.